For more than a decade, our business has relied on the sustainability of the forest products industry. Sustainability is a practice that ensures the future of our natural resources and maintains its continual productivity. Therefore, holding onto the concept of sustainability, we have created EXWOODTM(Resysta) to ensure the continual productivity of timber product without compromising the forest growth.

EXWOODTM(Resysta) an eco-friendly material; it looks, feels and has many of the same characteristics as wood. In the past there existed two problems for an eco-friendly, wood alternative product: there wasn’t any type of material available that shared the same physical characteristics and workability as timber; and it was just too expensive to create such a material.

After years of research and analysis, EXWOODTM(Resysta) noted that PVC was the base polymer whose characteristics were closest to the requirements in terms of mechanical properties, resistance to atmospheric agents, workability and, most importantly, price. We insured that these products have been harvested from forests that meet stringent environmental, social and economic standards or are from verified recycled sources.