EXWOODTM(Resysta) does neither crack nor splinter and its cutting wastes are 100% recyclable. The different profiles of EXWOODTM(Resysta) are produced in an extruder and can be used for many applications.

Outdoor suitable No rotting, splintering - durable Long life and low maintenance
Recyclable Environmentally friendly Suitable for applications where chemically treated timbers are now prohibited
Sustainable Availability - compared with hardwoods which are subject to supply fluctuations End - users able to substitute for more expensive traditional materials on reliable basis
Appearance - wood like Acceptance End users can substitute for wood and take advantage of longer life and less maintenance
Extrudable to any dimension - can have hollow sections
  • Greater range of applications
  • Less weight
  • Low cost
Potential application where wood is unsuitable
Sustainable Pricing (subject to resign prices in a range)
  • Predictable costing for end product
Sustainable competitiveness compared with traditional materials